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Datum: Sun 03/17/13 7:10PM
Van: Beertje
Email: beertjewit@gmail.com

Bericht: Great site Indeo, nuff respect for your mixes.

Bless you and Pinky

Datum: Mon 03/11/13 12:50PM
Van: Cees
Email: cees.demaertelaere@gmail.com

Bericht: nice Naz ,maar het is bekijk gastenboek.

Datum: Mon 03/11/13 2:52AM
Van: pinky irie
Email: pinkyirie@live.nl

Bericht: hi indeo wanna say congrats on yur new website :D it looks so cool. yur radio show was awesome big up to you :-)
and thanks to kevin for making us this website :-)

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